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Investment Counsel

We leverage our investment capabilities and knowledge to help you find and tap the right investment opportunities that help. Timely and effective investment decisions make for a diverse and strong investment portfolio.

Portfolio With a Focus

We build investment portfolios designed to perform well in all market environments, depending on your portfolio management needs. Let us know what aspect of your portfolio you would like us to manage on your behalf, and we’ll make sure to provide you with the best strategy and results.

Enjoy a Financially Secure Life

Our compassionate and dedicated team of professional financial advisors works diligently to serve as a steward for your wealth. We will help you simplify life’s complexities with a full spectrum of retirement planning strategies tailored to your needs.


101 Year History In
The Financial Arena.

OUR ROOTS RUN DEEP IN TEXAS. Box was founded in 1920 by a local bank in Grapevine, Texas. D.E. Box, who owned the Tarrant County State Bank, thought offering homeowners and business insurance would complement banking services and help his customers protect the collateral. The Box family then sold the insurance agency in 1978 to the Parker family as a result of banking law changes. Clydene Parker (now Johnson) owned and operated Box Insurance for 29 years.

In 2007, Clydene retired and handed the reins to her youngest son, Dustin Parker. Since then, Box has expanded into four distinct companies: commercial insurance, construction surety, FINANCIAL PLANNING, and insurance software.


A Few Services We Provide

Cash Flow & Debt Management

To help you achieve financial independence, we work with you on cash flow and debt management. To build wealth, you first need to know how much to save for each of your financial goals.

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Education Planning

Educating a child is one of the best ways to invest in their overall development. Planning for the cost can be one of the most important goals for parents.

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Estate Planning

Our team works directly with attorneys to review any documents or financial account registrations to ensure that your estate plan is implemented correctly, to ensure your wealth and assets are preserved for the next generation.

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Legacy Planning

We believe that proper legacy planning involves not just passing on your valuables but also your values. Therefore, no matter your goals, start with a plan that ensures your wishes are fulfilled.

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Risk Management

Our risk management techniques include: Written Investment Policy, Proper Asset Location/Registration, Targeted Asset Mix & more.

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When planning for retirement, we also assist you in resource allocation with consideration given to tax implications, making your money go farther. We help manage your cash flow – now and well into the future.

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Vision & Values

“Life is about decisions and each decision determines our destiny.
A good financial plan is a road map that shows us exactly
how the choices we make today will affect our future.”– Alexa Von Tobel

The BOX Vision:
To show love and acceptance into Men and Women in the Marketplace; To seek and model Heaven; To Advance Heaven.

The BFA Mission Statement
To consistently provide simple, creative solutions for our client’s stewardship journey.
To enhance our client’s unique experience utilizing time-tested Biblical principles.
To serve our marketplace and to fund and further the Kingdom.




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  • What is your time worth? What if we despised wasted time as much as we despised wasted money? Trusting someone with a common area of your life gives you more uncommon hours to focus your time. Isn’t that worth the sacrifice?

    Clint Snead, CFA.
    President, Box Financial Advisors.