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Investment Counsel

Investment Counsel

Dedicated to Helping You Reach Your Investment Goals

At Box Financial Advisors, we create and manage portfolios tailored to your situation and unique investment goals so that you can navigate through all the ups and downs and market turns smoothly without a big or negative impact on your investment portfolio.

You can expect a flexible investment approach and a strategy that adapts smoothly with the ever-changing market dynamics—offering you the best returns on investment over time.

Investing by Faith

There is a growing number of investors that want to integrate their personal values and belief system with their investment portfolio. Instead of just using negative screens on a few asset classes we look to build a more comprehensive approach that helps build a higher impact faith-based portfolio for our clients.

“Diversify your portion amongst seven or eight for you do not know what disaster may come upon the land”– Solomon


Tailored Investment Portfolios Rooted in Strategic Asset Management and Allocation

At Box Financial Advisors, we believe asset management is far more than just buying and selling stocks and bonds and hoping they do well. Instead, we use a tested “top-down” investment strategy combined with personalized planning to build a diversified portfolio with traditional and alternative assets tailored to achieve your long-term investment goals.

With expertise spanning across disciplines from mutual funds to hedge funds and from domestic investments to offshore opportunities, we partner with you to manage all your assets, or a portion of your portfolio, to your complete satisfaction.


Either Traditional or Alternative Assets

If you want us to focus on either traditional or alternative assets, we can do that too. We can build investment portfolios designed to perform well in all market environments, depending on your portfolio management needs.

Currently, we assist high net-worth individuals, multi-family offices, and family offices by utilizing the most fundamental investment principles and risk management strategies. At Box Financial Advisors, we approach investment opportunities with a preservation mindset.

Our risk management techniques include:

  • Written Investment Policy
  • Proper Asset Location/Registration
  • Targeted Asset Mix
  • Sub-Asset Diversification
  • Alternative Investing
  • Periodic Monitoring & Rebalancing
  • Tax-efficient strategies
  • Collaborating with your other accounting, estate, or legal professionals
  • Multi-generational family governance advice

We are Pioneers in Alternative Investment Management

At Box Financial Advisors, we believe that a careful allocation in alternative investments can provide a more diverse and expanded investment portfolio—serving as a complement to fixed income assets and traditional equity.

We work hard to source, find, research and complete a thorough due-diligence process that provides access to curated tangible assets through partnerships with specialized managers that have unique investment themes.

During our research, our investment counselors try to identify opportunities for our clients with the following characteristics:

  • Display a low correlation with the stock and bond capital markets.
  • Show an inherent characteristic of consistent periodic cash flows.
  • Maintain a strong probability of returning invested capital within the first three to five years.

Schedule a free initial consultation with us to discuss your investment challenges and goals with our team. We'll provide you with the best investment strategy to help you diversify your portfolio, spread risk, and achieve investment goals over a period.