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Financial Life Planning


Striking a Balance Between Your Present and Future

Whether you’re an individual or a couple looking for ways to save money today for a financially independent tomorrow, you have come to the right place. At Box Financial Advisors we create a holistic financial plan that empowers you to live your definition of a meaningful life. And to make this possible, we rely on our star team of experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled financial advisors.

Our solid understanding of the market volatility enables us to provide you witha well-devised and structured financial blueprint. Our hands-on experienceand access to cutting-edge financial tools guide you at every step to save,spend, invest, and approach tax and estate planning while mitigating risk withconfidenceand confidentiality.

We work with clients not only as advisors but as true partners, guiding themwith transparency and wisely stewarding their resources to help them realizetheir goals and attain the best outcomes.


Trying to estimate the best out come for your financial goals well into the future includes many variables and the uncertainty can create stress when making important decisions. We use decision points in our financial planning process to help remove fear or doubt. The areas in which we are most commonly asked to provide help to our clients is summarized in our Ten Wealth Stewardship Topics.

Helping to understand our client’s situation, uncovering all the necessaryfacts, and then providing clear recommendations ensures our clients are evaluating everything they need to prayer fully make the best decisions today.

Cash Flow and Debt Management

To help you achieve financial independence, we work with you on cash flow and debt management. To build your wealth, you first need to know how much you save and how successfully you invest. Hence, we help you carefully analyze and monitor your cash flows and expenditures, allowing you to manage your finances for savings and investments.

Our team works through strategies to help you accelerate repayment and pay down debt. Cash flow planning and debt management are the cornerstone of a sound financial life plan and the basis of long-term wealth creation strategies. From reviewing spending patterns to creating plans for paying off debts and mortgages, we help you manage your debt and cash flow smoothly.

Contingency Planning

We strive to help you prepare for unforeseen events that may cripple you financially otherwise. There are many possibilities where a considerable amount of money is required for an emergency. We make sure that you have backup savings, insurance plans, and risk management strategies in place to handle any situation when least expected.

Investment Counsel

We leverage our investment capabilities and knowledge to help you find and tap the right investment opportunities that help with wealth-building while lowering risk. Our investment philosophy revolves around fundamental research and risk-adjusted absolute returns, among other priorities.

Generosity & Giving

How charitable you want to be is an individual decision. If you want to give to charity or give back to your community, we can help you save while passing on your values of generosity or philanthropy to your family.

Retirement Planning

Proper retirement planning involves strategic assessments of retirement needs, goals, projected income flows, inflation, estate plans, access to cash, and contingency plans. We address all the factors that can impact your retirement and then develop a sound retirement plan that best fits your situation.

Education Planning

Planning for the higher education of your children is one of the most important goals for parents. A college education can be an expensive prospect, most often ranking just below your homeownership expense. 

We can design an investment strategy that specifically addresses your children’s educational needs and readies you to support their educational endeavors without any financial limitation.

Legacy Planning

We believe that proper legacy planning involves not just passing on your valuables but also your values.

We can provide you with a financial strategy that successfully prepares you to bequeath your assets to a loved one or next of kin after death. 

Estate Planning

Our team will review your trusts and wills to ensure that your estate planning documents are updated, all much needed to preserve your wealth and assets for the next generation. 

Our effective estate planning and management services help you manage your affairs smoothly during your lifetime and ensure a systematic wealth distribution after death. We make sure that your asset distribution is aligned with your wishes.

Business Continuation & Succession

This strategy is designed to help business owners maximize the value of their life’s work. We carefully review your business plan and create a business succession plan to ensure business continuity and future leaders are ready to take the reins and continue your legacy.

Special Situations

We understand that no two clients are alike. This is precisely why we extend special situations services. Discuss your unique challenges with us and how it is impacting you financially. We’ll provide you with a plan to cope with those special situations successfully.

Let's work together to enjoy quality living today with the peace of mind of having financially secure tomorrow.